Webinar: Good Enough No Longer Cuts It: How to Transform Your Marketing For a Pandemic World

Travel markets continue to alternate between red and green lights which, in some cases, has afforded many hospitality marketers a rare opportunity - time to reevaluate "good enough" marketing strategies.

Listen in on this panel discussion with our partners at Flip.to, and The Sunshine Gals. We'll share ways in which one Florida property revamped their marketing efforts by breaking down silos between their technologies - ultimately driving more direct bookings. You'll learn:

  • How to leverage multiple technology vendors to personalize guest communication
  • Tactics to target drive-market and repeat guests
  • Where content fits into your marketing strategy
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Your Speakers

The Sunshine Gals

Sunshine Gals is a pro team of seasoned digital marketers. Trudy Anderson and Sunshine Woodyard each have over twenty years of experience in hospitality marketing, with a proven record of success in advertising, web design, social media, and email marketing. We help hotel, resort and vacation rental clients to leverage their brand stories by combining them with promotions, resulting in direct bookings.


Ed St.Onge

Edward St.Onge is most known for being the Co founder and public face of EZ Yield.com Inc. the Hotel Industry’s first fully scaled global Channel Management Solution. Starting in 2002 at the age of 22 years old, with only $1,000 in funding, Edward and his business partner grew EZ Yield to a global leader in Connectivity solutions for over 5,000 hotels in 96 countries. Edward successfully positioned EZ Yield to sell to Travelclick in November 2011. In 2012 Edward completed an investment to become a partner in Flip.to. As President of Flip.to, Edward overseas all Enterprise relationships across DMO, Lodging, and technology partnerships. Edward has held many advisory roles inside and outside the industry including board positions for Socialtables (Event and Convention planning) and Recromax (Construction).


Kris Anderson

Kris spent 20 years working within the hospitality industry before joining NAVIS. She draws from this experience everyday as NAVIS Client Sales Consultant sharing with hospitality professionals insights to their business. Insights that work to increase direct revenue.


Tony Satterfield

Tony is the Vice President of Operations at Alden Beach Resort and Suites.